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UC Components, Inc., has been manufacturing vented screws for vacuum applications since 1974. From humble beginnings in our founder’s garage in Union City (UC), California, to our present location in Morgan Hill, UC has grown to lead our field by providing superior quality products specifically designed for vacuum applications.

Working as a draftsman in the vacuum industry, our founder addressed a need for specialty fasteners that would allow more complete evacuation of air and elimination of “virtual leaks” from HV and UHV systems. A vacuum-first understanding of the industry still informs our processes, enabling UC to create a range of products that meet or exceed the unique requirements of modern vacuum equipment.

In the decades since UC Components began, applications for High Vacuum and Ultra High Vacuum technology have grown considerably. What started as a niche market for the space exploration and defense industries has expanded to encompass a broad spectrum of applications, from semiconductor manufacturing to solar energy and beyond.

As the markets for the use of HV and UHV equipment have grown, UC has grown right along with them, from a “Mom and Pop” shop into a second-generation, family-owned business with approximately 30 employees on staff. We serve OEMs, end users, government labs and facilities, universities, and other customers around the world from our location on the cutting-edge of California’s Silicon Valley.

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