RediVac® Electropolished Vented Screws

RediVac® Electropolished Vented Screws

High vacuum application

High Vacuum Application

UC Components offers an electropolished finish for all our RediVac® screws, washers, and nuts. The electropolishing process carefully dissolves unwanted surface metals. It leaves behind the true base metal(s) of a component and significantly reduces surface burrs, chips, and peeling, which is especially important for threaded components. Electropolishing also greatly reduces surface particulate, improves corrosion resistance, helps reduce outgassing, and imparts a bright, chrome-like finish.

Although every plating and coating we offer is fully vacuum compatible, the ideal finishes for your high vacuum applications are best defined by your process engineer. However, don’t hesitate to contact UC Components for additional assistance in selecting the right finish for your needs.

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