RediVacĀ® Silver Plated Screws
RediVac® Silver Plated Screws
RediVacĀ® Metric Silver Plated Screws
RediVac® Metric Silver Plated Screws

UC Components offers vacuum-stable silver plating for all our RediVac® fastener components. Our silver plated screws, nuts, and washers exhibit excellent anti-galling properties, high lubricity, a wide operating temperature range, good corrosion resistance, and exceptional conductivity.

While all our coatings and platings are fully vacuum compatible, the ideal finish for your high vacuum application is best defined by your process engineer. However, please feel free to contact us for assistance on this matter.

Request a quote today on UC Components’ silver plated screws, hex nuts, and washers for your HV, UHV, or EUV system.