O-Ring bake-out residue
O-Ring Bake-Out Residue
RediVac® Vacuum Baking

This is the latest finish option we’ve added to our family of RediVac® precision cleaned and clean-packaged fasteners, washers, nuts, and O-rings.

The RediVac® Vacuum Baking Process offers an added level of cleanliness assurance by minimizing residual hydrocarbons and water vapor, to greatly reduce outgassing and residual surface contaminants. By baking-out under vacuum, we can meet or exceed the requirements of many of today's leading scientific research facilities, beam lines, and test chambers operating HV, UHV, and EUV environments.

Process Control and Traceability

UC RediVac® Vacuum Baking Process components are:

  • Baked at 250°C at 1x10-6 torr range
  • Minimize residual hydrocarbons and water vapor
  • Significantly reduce outgassing and residual surface contaminants
  • Baking cycle is monitored by Residual Gas Analysis (RGA)
  • Results captured with correspondence to the QC
  • Lot Number with full process certification available

All UC Components RediVac® hardware is packaged in certified Class 100 poly bags within our dedicated ISO Class 5 Cleanroom. A variety of custom packaging options are available upon request.