RediVac® Finish Options such as Nickel plated screws

RediVac® Finish Options

UC Cleanroom Packaging

UC Components offers a range of finishes for our RediVac® line of fasteners, washers, and nuts. These coatings and platings are designed to prevent galling and/or improve the corrosion resistance of the treated component.

All our coatings and platings are vacuum compatible, dependant on your specific process chemistry. While the right coating or plating for your HV or UHV application is best defined by your process engineer, please feel free to contact us for more information.

UC Components finishing processes include:

Every RediVac® component, from nickel plated screws to WS2 coated washers to untreated hex nuts, goes through our certified Class 100/ISO Class 5 Cleanroom precision cleaning and packaging processes prior to shipment. 

Finishes, Lubrication & Torque Values

Torque value is primarily dependent on friction produced by both the threads and the material in contact with the fastener head. The addition of lubrication, coating, or plating will reduce the coefficient of friction resulting in a higher tension or clamping force for a given torque. Caution must be exercised as the tensile strength of a fastener can be exceeded without exceeding its maximum recommended torque.

Request a quote on coated, plated, or electropolished RediVac® products like nickel plated screws for your HV or UHV application, or contact UC Components to learn more.