Shoulder Screws

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RediVac® Inch Shoulder Screws (Metric Screw Sizes Available)
RediVac® Inch Shoulder Screws
UC RediVac® 12-Point Bolts

UC Components manufactures vented shoulder screws for High Vacuum, Ultra High Vacuum, and other clean-critical applications. These vented fasteners promote faster, more efficient pump-down of vacuum systems by providing a path through which trapped volumes of air can be evacuated from the vacuum chamber.

Our vented shoulder screws are available in a wide range of Inch-measure sizes and lengths. Metric screw sizes are also available. Contact UC Components for more information. Our Inch-measure screws are manufactured to meet ASME standards.

12 Point Bolts

12-point bolts (flange bolts) are also available from UC Components. While our standard 12-point screws are available in inch sizes, metric sizes are also available in a variety of diameters and lengths. Please request a quote for metric 12-point bolts in any of our standard finishes, even vented should your application require it.

If you can’t find vented shoulder screws of the right size or length for your needs, please contact us. We carry a large number of products in addition to those listed here.

Request a quote today on UC Components’ vented shoulder screws in inch or metric screw sizes for your vacuum or clean-critical application.

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