Metric Screws

UC RediVac® Metric Screws

Small Inch & Metric Sizes
Small Metric Sizes

UC Components manufactures slot (side) vented and center vented screws for High Vacuum and Ultra High Vacuum equipment and other clean-critical environments. Both slot and center vented screws provide paths through which trapped volumes of air can be evacuated, leading to faster, more efficient pump-down of the system. Non-vented screws are also available for use in through-holes in HV and UHV systems and other applications.

Our metric screws are manufactured to meet DIN and ISO standards.

Sizes & Styles

We offer our vented and non-vented screws in numerous standard metric sizes and lengths. 11 standard head styles are available to accommodate your unique installation requirements. See individual product listings for additional information on sizes and head styles.

Inch screws and Inch shoulder screws are also available.

Materials & Finishes

Our vented and non-vented screws are available in various materials. A2-70 stainless steel is our default fastener material, but other high quality materials, such as A4 (316), aluminum, brass, titanium, alloy steel, and nickel are also available. Contact UC Components for more information on material availability. We also offer numerous specialty finishes to improve HV and UHV system performance and prevent galling.

If you don’t see vented screws or non-vented screws in the size, length, material, finish, or head style your project requires, please contact us. We carry many other products in addition to the ones listed here, adding new part numbers daily.

Request a quote today on vented or non-vented screws from UC Components for your High Vacuum or Ultra High Vacuum application.