RediVacĀ® Metric Washer Sizes
RediVac® Metric Washer Sizes
RediVacĀ® Metric Vented Washers
RediVac® Metric Vented Washers

UC Components’ washers are the perfect complement to our vented screws. Our washers are made from the same high quality materials and available with the same specialty finishes that help our fasteners improve vacuum system performance. UC Components’ washers are available in both inch and metric washer sizes.

We manufacture vented flat washers to ensure that High Vacuum or Ultra High Vacuum systems have adequate ventilation under fastener heads in tapped holes for faster, more efficient pump-down of the system. Standard washer assembly may actually seal air underneath the screw head around the should and/or threads of he screw.

UC also supplies flat washers and split lock washers, as well as numerous other types and variations, such as internal and external tooth washers. All varieties are available in both Inch and metric washer sizes with any of UC Components’ standard finishes.

UC Components’ Inch-measure vented and standard flat washers are manufactured to meet NAS 620 and AN960 standards. Our metric vented and standard flat washers are manufactured to DIN and ISO standards. Lock washers are manufactured to MS-35338 standards. All our washers are precision cleaned and packaged in a Class 100/ISO Class 5 Cleanroom environment.

Request a quote today for vented, flat, or lock washers for your application, or contact UC Components to learn more.