UC Inch/mm Ruler & Screw Checker
UC center vented screw cross-section model
UC Center Vented Screw Cross-Section Model


UC Components offers our customers, as well as associates in academia, the following useful “Tools of the Trade.” These tools will help you identify the fasteners and/or seals you use every day, and will help demonstrate the role of UC Components’ RediVac® products in eliminating virtual leaks from vacuum systems.

The UC Components’ 6” stainless steel Pocket Ruler with sliding depth gauges. Measurements in 32nds of an inch as well as millimeters. Complimentary with any order upon request.

The UC Components Screw Gauge helps identify both inch and metric diameter and pitch. The reverse has a Drill & Tap Gauge. Complimentary with any order of $50 or more upon request.

The UC Components RediVac® Vented Screw Cross-Section Model for vacuum instructors. Extols the virtues of eliminating virtual leaks and speeding pump-down times. Contact sales@uccomponents.com for details on how to obtain this complimentary teaching guide.

To find vented screws and other RediVac® components for your HV or UHV system, view our parts catalog. Or, request a quote for the components you need. Contact UC Components today to learn more about any of our fasteners or related products.