Vented Screws
RediVac® Slot Vented Screws
RediVac® Slot Screw Vent
RediVac® Slot Vent

UC Components’ RediVac® slot vented screws provide fast, efficient pump-down of HV, UHV, or EUV systems. Their screw vent design allows for more thorough evacuation of virtual leaks* along the threaded portions of the fasteners, as well as at the shoulders of the screws. Our slot vented screws are available in numerous Inch and metric sizes, and a variety of finishes are available to help prevent screw galling and aid in corrosion resistance.

Why A Vented Screw?

A UC Components slot vented screw provides a path for trapped air and surface contaminants such as water to be pumped out of blind-tapped holes. This allows for faster, more efficient pump-down of HV, UHV, or EUV systems and eliminates virtual leaks* and potential contaminants found in these voids. Using RediVac® slot vented screws promotes higher system throughput and greater yield.

* A virtual leak is a source of gas that is physically trapped within the chamber with only a small, very low-conductance path from the trapped pocket of gas into the chamber proper.

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