Experts in vacuum technology bring you RediVac® O-Rings for your high and ultra high vacuum applications, significantly enhancing system performance and integrity. 


UC Components, Inc. is known for providing fastener and seal products dedicated to improving performance and integrity of vacuum systems and other clean-critical environments.  RediVac® means ready for vacuum service, now. Our RediVac® system guarantees that your fasteners and seals arrive ready to install in your HV, UHV, or EUV system. 
The proprietary RediVac® process reduces surface particulates and other contamination by utilizing a multi-stage precision cleaning process, close inspection, and state-of-the-art vacuum packaging equipment, all within a certified Class ISO Class 5 Cleanroom. By reducing additional vacuum preparation steps, UC Components’ RediVac® products help you run faster and leaner.


UC Components knows vacuum systems. As the industry leader we provide the right solutions, following stringent quality standards, for your applications. The UC RediVac® O-Ring product line is engineered for faster pump-down and more complete evacuation of vacuum systems. RediVac® seals are cleaned and baked to minimize outgassing under vacuum. All of our products are designed for High Vacuum (HV) and Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) applications.


The RediVac® line of cleaned and vacuum-baked fluoroelastomer (FKM) O-Rings is designed to deliver a ready-to-use seal to the point of use with a thorough surface cleaning and/or vacuum de-gassing for quicker pump-down and reduced contamination.
UC Components’ RediVac® O-Rings are available in a wide range of inch-measure sizes that are manufactured to industry standard AS568A sizes.
If you can’t find RediVac® O-Rings in the size or material you need, please contact us. We carry many more products in addition to the ones listed on our website, adding new part numbers daily.


Every one of our RediVac® O-Rings goes through our multi-stage precision cleaning and packaging processes prior to shipment, ensuring that the components you receive are ready for immediate installation into your HV, UHV, or clean-critical system. Our precision cleaning process significantly reduces surface particulate and other organic surface contaminants, utilizing a variety of cleaning methods and state-of-the-art vacuum packaging equipment.


Our RediVac® Vacuum Baked O-Rings offer an added level of cleanliness assurance by minimizing residual hydrocarbons and water vapor, to significantly reduce outgassing and residual surface contaminants. Our baking process is designed primarily for the reduction of water vapor and limited volatile organics while not significantly altering the O-Ring hardness.  Contact your UC Components sales representative for custom materials, baking recipes, and packaging options.


The benefits – and product quality – of our RediVac® O-Rings make them the product of choice for numerous high and ultra-high vacuum systems. Our O-Rings deliver high performance and stability for vacuum systems of all levels of sensitivity; they also feature strict quality measures in sourcing, cleaning, handling, and packaging.
Our RediVac® O-Rings Feature:
  • Custom Materials Available: Our standard O-Rings are manufactured from top quality fluoroelastomer materials. Buna, silicone, and other materials are available upon request. 
  • Wide Variety of Sizes to Meet Any Need: All of our O-Rings are available in just about any size you need for your application.
  • Two Finishing Options to Choose From: Precision Cleaned and Vacuum Baked. Ensuring that the components you receive are ready for immediate installation into your HV or UHV system which greatly reduces outgassing and residual surface contaminants.
  • No More Vacuum Leaks: Significantly reduces outgassing as well as minimizing residual surface contaminants, hydrocarbons, and water vapor.
  • Optimum System Integrity and Stability: Our O-Rings meet or exceed the requirements of many of today's leading scientific research facilities, beam lines, and test chambers operating HV and UHV environments.
Request a quote on RediVac® O-Rings for high and ultra high vacuum applications, or contact UC Components for more information.