"I can’t possibly express how grateful I am to be working with you.  You are the very best, way above with 95% of those I work with!  Thank you so much."
-A. Farmer, Vacuum Solutions Provider

“I just wanted to let you know that Rosemary saved our butts and I really appreciate it.
Our production folks took a bin of fasteners into the cleanroom but they didn’t transact it in our system. The inventory was showing in stock for weeks. When they performed their cycle count they noticed the bin was missing. We were also about to run out of these screws which would’ve held up thousands of dollars-worth of shipments.
I called Rosemary after placing an order asking if we could pay to expedite it. She talked to your supplier and was able to get parts made in a couple weeks. We then noticed the missing bin and asked her if the supplier could improve, we would pay a higher expedite fee since this was on us. She was able to get roughly 2k expedited in 1 week to bail us out. She was able to get the parts before we ran out!
This is the type of effort I wish we had from all our suppliers. A commitment to the customer to partner up and help when needed. She went above and beyond pushed the supplier on behalf of us to keep us up and running.” 
-K. Ewald

"Taking my call during lunch shows your dedication and commitment…very much appreciated. Thank you."
-M. Morrow III