UC RediVac® vacuum atmospheric baking

What's At Stake? Everything.

No matter what your specific clean room manufacturing or assembly process is, contamination prevention is the reason you’re there.

From volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to particulate of various origins, a UC Components, Inc. RediVac® fastener or precision cleaned O-ring is the logical choice for your clean room assembly.

UC Components, Inc. thoroughly understands the unique requirements of the clean room environment, thanks to years of experience serving the vacuum and semiconductor manufacturing industries. We offer an array of finishes, including electropolishing, to give our customers the appropriate fastening and sealing components for their clean room applications.

We deliver solutions – vented, plated, polished, inspected, and clean room-ready – exactly as promised. 


Critical Applications

clean room medical processing fasteners

Packaging specific for Clean room use and storage.

ISO standard cleanroom processing for all UC products.

ISO certified and documented cleaning process.

Contamination controlled throughout production process.

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The right part, for the right application, right when you need it.

Part Traceability

From print to installation, every part is fully traceable, down to the last screw.

Quality Control

UC’s obsessive attention to detail comes from a fierce commitment to your success.

Application Expertise

Our Certified Fastener Specialists™ are experts in your industry, and available to solve your problem now.

Don’t know what you need?
Our specialists do, and will guide you.

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