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UC Components is the premier manufacturer of vented screws and fasteners for High Vacuum and Ultra High Vacuum equipment and other clean-critical applications.

We offer a variety of 12-Point Bolts (also known as 12-Point Flange Bolts and 12-Point Flange Screws). 12-Point Bolts are an alternative head design for hex socket cap screws. The flange diameter and head height are designed to fit a range of applications and counterbored holes designed for standard hex socket cap screws.

The 12-Point design permits this style bolt to be tightened down with a 12-Point socket wrench, which permits higher torque to be applied as compared to a standard internal hex drive socket head cap screw. Another advantage of the 12-Point head type is their use in tight spaces. The 12-Points have 30° between flats (as opposed to Hex heads which have 60°). This enables increased wrench flexibility (or placement) when manipulating the fastener.

Sizes & Styles

While our standard 12-Point Bolts are available in inch sizes, metric sizes are also available in a variety of diameters and lengths. Please request a quote for metric 12-Point Bolts, available in any of our standard finishes, vented or non-vented, should your application require it.

Nut Plates

Nut Plates

Nut plates (commonly called a Banana Lug) provide easy installation of a Conflat or metal sealed flange in a restricted or tight area. By reducing the need for a wrench to install a standard nut, they can be used in places such as 90° bends in UHV piping. They also provide a greater surface area for the flange mating.

Materials & Finishes

All UC Components, Inc. parts are precision cleaned and packaged in our certified Class 100/ISO Class 5 Cleanroom prior to shipment; which means that our RediVac® products are ready for immediate vacuum service. We offer a variety of packaging options and vacuum-stable specialty finishes (including WS2 and MoS2 coatings, Gold, Silver, and Nickel) to help reduce contamination, boost system performance, reduce corrosion, and prevent galling.

If you can’t find vented or non-vented screws in the right size, length, material, finish, or head style for your need, please contact us. We carry many more products in addition to the ones listed in our standard catalog.

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