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Problems We Solve

UC Components, Inc. RediVac® products are specially designed to solve a number of problems that can plague High Vacuum and Ultra High Vacuum equipment. Our vented screws, washers, nuts, and O-rings will help your HV or UHV system perform better and operate more efficiently.

Virtual Leaks

A blind tapped hole inside a vacuum system leaves residual air space at the bottom that cannot be fully evacuated in the vacuum cycle when a bolt, screw, or other fastener is threaded into the hole. Moreover, a screw is a helix with a large surface area also containing voids of trapped air. This produces virtual leaks. UC Components’ vented (hollow) and slotted fasteners provide direct ventilation for these voids, allowing the trapped volumes of air within the threads and at the bottoms of the holes to be fully evacuated. This speeds pump-down and helps improve system performance.


In High Vacuum and Ultra High Vacuum systems, like materials can become cold-fused together—called galling—due to thermal expansion and the lack of moisture created by the vacuum. Screws threaded into blind tapped holes are commonly affected by galling, and components made of stainless steel are especially susceptible. UC Components’ finishes, coatings, and platings are uniquely formulated to prevent galling, making parts maintenance and replacement faster and easier. Without the hassle of galled, stuck fasteners, downtime is minimized.

Vacuum Contamination

Because all RediVac® components are inspected, cleaned, and packaged in a Class 100/ISO Class 5 Cleanroom environment, particulate and organic surface contamination is significantly reduced or eliminated altogether. RediVac® fasteners, washers, nuts, and O-rings are ready to use upon delivery, saving you time in handling and cleaning the parts before installing them in your HV or UHV equipment. And, because they significantly reduce vacuum contamination, your system will perform better.


A significant source of contamination in HV and UHV systems is outgassing from water and volatile organic compounds within O-ring seals. UC Components offers both cleaned and vacuum baked O-rings to remove residual contaminants from their surfaces and buried within the compound itself. This results in greatly reduced outgassing of H2O and other contamination in High Vacuum and Ultra High Vacuum systems.

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