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Conflict Minerals

As a result of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act and the rules adopted by the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission relating to Conflict Minerals in August 2012, many manufacturing companies are required to make disclosures regarding whether such minerals are contained in products in their supply chain.

Under the Dodd-Frank Act, the following minerals and their derivatives are defined as conflict minerals:

  • Columbite-tantalite (Coltan) refined into tantalum (Ta)
  • Cassiterite refined into Tin (Sn)
  • Wolframite refined into Tungsten (W)
  • Gold (Au)

Specifically, the Act requires that manufacturing companies report annually to the SEC on whether they use Conflict Minerals that are necessary to the functionality or production of a product that they manufacture or contract to have manufactured, and which originate from the Democratic Republic of Congo (the “DRC”) or any of the adjoining countries namely; Angola, Burundi, Central African Republic, Congo Republic, Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.

In response to this act, the position of UC Components, Inc. is that none of the above listed conflict minerals are known to be used in any of the products being supplied to you with the following exceptions:

  • Gold (Au) in our gold-plated fastener line
  • Tungsten (W) in our tungsten-disulfide coated fastener line

UC Components, Inc. has polled its suppliers for information regarding the presence of Conflict Minerals and their derivatives in the products that they supply to us. Based on the accuracy and completeness of the information provided by our suppliers, UC Components, Inc. can confirm that none of the materials incorporated into the products supplied to you contain Conflict Minerals even in trace amounts with exception of those items listed above. Those products containing said Conflict Minerals have been vetted for compliance.

Online references for more information:

  • Conflict Minerals Final Rule – Securities and Exchange Commission statement (PDF)
  • RMI – Responsible Materials Initiative website
  • SEC News – US Securities and Exchange Commission site (background information on the development of the Dodd-Frank Act)
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