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Customer Testimonials

“Thank you for the SS rulers and especially for the thread gauge / screw gauge. I passed out the gauges to my team and then gave the last one to our maintenance folks.  Everyone is hugely impressed. But I saved one to show my A&P/IA.  No aircraft maintenance operation should be without one of your gauges!”

P. Cahill, Optics Professional

“I attended the [2023] Optifab convention and I was far from disappointed to say the least. One of the most notable things to me was learning that any minute detail about anything optical had a company for it, the best example of this was UC Components. They’re based out of southern California much like a few other companies I got the chance to talk to. The company creates fasteners with holes in them to help vent air out for use in technology that requires a vacuum.

I spoke with the representative there [Chris Malocsay] and he talked to me for a good 10 minutes at least. It fascinated me at just how invested he was in this company that sold screws, nuts, and washers. But as he spoke, I realized just why he was so passionate, they offered their products worldwide and dominated the market for it. He had mentioned how they literally took people’s jobs because of how convenient it was to just let some other company handle getting you screws as precise as theirs were. Typically, optical companies around the world don’t think about how a company like UC Components exists, so they hire people who do nothing but drill out screws all day. I was told on a good day they can get around 6 to 8 done a day. With all the machines they use, UC can get about 10 done in 20 seconds since everything is streamlined for producing the screws.

But I’m sure many ask something like “Why use vented screws?” The reason being that when you use regular screws in a vacuum chamber, there is a good chance that a small pocket of air will get trapped and when the air is trapped with no easy way out, it will very slowly leak out by going along the threads and out into the actual vacuum chamber. This lengthens how long it takes to pump out the regular atmospheric pressure down to the operating vacuum. But with vented screws, that wait time is significantly shorter due to the air having an easy way to escape.

Not only that, but the screws can come plated too, whether it be 24 karat Gold, Nickel, or Silver. Each of them serving similar roles to help with antigalling, which just means that the coating helps the screws fit into place much more smoothly than they would’ve otherwise.

Whether it’s farm equipment, or something as precise and advanced as aerospace and medical devices, the fasteners at UC Components are everywhere, probably in our workshop too.”

-Ashton Begy

“UC Components is supplying the vacuum screws for our experiment, which we are carrying out at SLAC. When our plans changed last minute, they were extremely helpful and accommodating, coordinating with us over the weekend, and providing the necessary supplies by Monday. We are grateful for such excellent support.”

-S. Meuren

I have been working with Robin Walwyn at UC Components over the past few years and couldn’t be happier. Her willingness to always accommodate our orders many times emergent is unsurpassed. Robin exemplifies what excellent customer service is and should be the standard. Our projects are time-sensitive and we have never had an issue with UC Components to come through. I highly recommend UC Components for specialty fasteners and seal products. Taking my call during lunch also really shows your dedication and commitment… very much appreciated. Thank you.”

-M. Morrow III

“UC Components helps us look great in front of our customers. We can always rely on quality conformance to our orders and their delivery commitments. The customer service has been quick, and helpful – getting us out of a few pickles. We are happy to recommend their product line to any OEM.”

I. Anis

“I’ll share my experience as well as praise after dealing with UC Components for more than three decades. I retired 3 years ago as manager for utilities and facilities for the University of California – Berkeley’s Marvell NanoFabrication Laboratory as well as its predecessor, the Microlab. Berkeley’s engineering staff consistently received excellent support in fulfilling the component needs to support of a wide variety of commercial semiconductor process tools and for its unique, custom-designed research systems. UC Components is the go-to source for quality high vacuum components, a service-oriented company with an informed, knowledgeable staff, always willing to go the extra distance to meet customer needs. You won’t find better.”
Robert Hamilton, Principal Development Engineer, Retired

“I can’t possibly express how grateful I am to be working with you. You are the very best, way above with 95% of those I work with!  Thank you so much.”

-A. Farmer, Vacuum Solutions Provider

“I just wanted to let you know that Rosemary saved our butts and I really appreciate it.

Our production folks took a bin of fasteners into the cleanroom but they didn’t transact it in our system. The inventory was showing in stock for weeks. When they performed their cycle count they noticed the bin was missing. We were also about to run out of these screws which would’ve held up thousands of dollars-worth of shipments.

I called Rosemary after placing an order asking if we could pay to expedite it. She talked to your supplier and was able to get parts made in a couple weeks. We then noticed the missing bin and asked her if the supplier could improve, we would pay a higher expedite fee since this was on us. She was able to get roughly 2k expedited in 1 week to bail us out. She was able to get the parts before we ran out!

This is the type of effort I wish we had from all our suppliers. A commitment to the customer to partner up and help when needed. She went above and beyond pushed the supplier on behalf of us to keep us up and running.”

-K. Ewald

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