Does your fastener supplier Copy Exactly!?

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Copy Exact is a policy and overall manufacturing strategy model that states all manufacturing process steps that affect the form, fit, function, or appearance of a component are to remain fixed and unchanged without prior notification and approval from the customer.

This is an industry-wide standard that ensures every component ordered matches the specifications as exactly as is possible to ensure the best and most consistent performance from the products.

Essentially, an OEM dictates to all of their sub-assembly suppliers that very little, if anything, can deviate from their original part parameters, which may include, but are not limited to:

  • Raw material vendors
  • Material types
  • Material suppliers
  • Sub-contracted suppliers (for example: approved coaters and platers)
  • Packaging type
  • Labeling

The overall process, now known as Copy Exact, began back in the late 1980s with Intel (the computer chip manufacturer) in an effort to maintain their reputation while reducing labor costs. They wanted to be sure that the quality, design, and manufacture of their chips would be replicated in every factory location they had globally. From there it expanded to a wide variety of industries.

UC Components, Inc. is your Copy Exact partner. 

With solid manufacturing and documentation control as our hallmark, UC has seen the decades-old transition to the Copy Exact format mature.

Whether it’s simply adhering to the protocol for a UC Components catalog part call-out on an assembly bill of materials, or a highly critical part requiring strict surveillance throughout the manufacturing process, we have your solution. We will even designate a new part number and documentation package for your specific part, if necessary, for your specific application.

From raw material, to approved plater, to custom packaging and labeling, UC Components, Inc. is your Copy Exact partner… yesterday, today, and tomorrow!

Why choose UC Components, Inc. fasteners & O-rings?

UC Components, Inc. has been the world leader in high vacuum hardware since 1974. Our vented fasteners provide a clean, clear path for trapped air and surface contaminants (such as water) to be pumped away from blind-tapped holes. This enables faster, more efficient pump-down of HV, UHV, and EUV systems, eliminates virtual leaks, and potential contaminants found in these voids. Installing UC’s RediVac® vented screws promotes greater system throughput and improved yield.

We also offer cleaned and vacuum baked O-rings plus a variety of standard hex nuts, washers, and screws to accompany the vented fastener line, along with custom product development, and Class 100/ISO Class 5 Cleanroom cleaning & packaging.

View our parts catalog online to find the components you need, request a quote, or contact us for more assistance or additional information. If you do not see the items that you need listed in our standard products, please give us a call! We may not stock it but we are happy to acquire and manufacture just about any fastener or O-ring that you need.

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