It is critical that you have a correct print for your fasteners, why?

Good print example

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Fasteners are essential elements used to join parts in various industries, and a correct print, also known as a technical drawing or engineering drawing, is of utmost importance. Here are a few brief reasons why:

  • Dimensional Accuracy & Manufacturability: Fasteners must fit precisely within the designated holes or mating parts. A correct print provides accurate dimensions, tolerances, materials, finish, and specifications that ensure proper fit and functionality. Proper prints help maintain consistent sizes and dimensions across multiple fasteners, ensuring accuracy, compatibility, and ease of replacement. Incorrect dimensions can lead to parts not fitting together, compromising the overall structure or assembly.
  • Functionality and Performance: Fasteners are designed to carry specific loads and provide secure connections. A correct print includes information about load-bearing capacities listed within the source specifications/standards, material properties, and finish (coating or plating). This information is crucial to ensure that the fasteners can handle the intended loads and perform as expected without failure.
  • Safety and Reliability: Fasteners play a critical role in maintaining the safety and reliability of products. Incorrectly sized or poorly designed fasteners can lead to structural failures, which could have serious consequences, especially in applications where human lives are at stake, such as in the aerospace or medical industries.

A correct print for fasteners is essential to ensure proper fit, functionality, and safety in engineering and manufacturing applications. It serves as a comprehensive reference that guides the design, production, assembly, and quality control processes, ultimately contributing to the overall success of a project or product.

Example of a good print with all necessary specifications and part information

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