When I call UC, will I get a real person?

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We know how frustrating it is when you cannot get in touch with a live person when you need assistance or have questions. At UC Components, Inc. your call is important to us and we truly take service to the extreme. When you call us, you will get a live fastener specialist, not an order taker or machine. We only have one machine connected to our phones, our voicemail system, which only picks up after business hours or on federal holidays (and the occasional midday company event).

Have a question? Not quite sure what you need for your application? A live UC expert is waiting for your call and will help you find the perfect part and finish. From student to scientist, no UC customer is ever too small – and no job too big. We say what we do, and do what we say, RediVac® counted, cleaned, consistent. Contact UC Components, Inc. today!

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