WS2 Coating – what is it and why would you choose it for your application?

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Tungsten Disulfide (also known as WS2) is a low friction dry lubricant coating that is applied utilizing pressurized air that impinges a dry metallic coating without heat, binders, or adhesives. The coating bonds instantly to metal or resin with a thickness of just 0.00002″ (1/2 micron). WScoating improves the performance and service life of fasteners better than any other dry lubricant as it reduces friction & noise, improves mold release, and solves any potential excessive wear issues, seizing, galling, or fretting.

CoatingCoefficient of FrictionMax Operating TemperatureColor
WS20.03 – 0.091,200⁰F (in vacuum)Blue/Gray

How is the coating applied?

  1. The parts are first thoroughly cleaned to remove any oil, grease, dust, or other substances from them.
  2. They are then pre-treated with an abrasive surface blasting.
  3. The WS2 is then applied via high speed impingement with specialized application equipment.
  4. The parts are then ultrasonically cleaned to remove unbonded coating.
  5. The last step is inspection to ensure proper, even, application of the coating prior to packaging.

What are the main benefits and capabilities of WS2 Coating?

  • The coating has a low friction which improves its performance and extends the life of the coated fastener.
  • Stops galling, fretting, and friction caused by dissimilar metals and their different hardness factors.
  • 100% lubricity throughout its texture.
  • Molecularly bonds to the material it is applied to.
  • Maintains the dimensional integrity of the fastener, to within 1/2 micron, with no build-up.
  • Withstands loads up to 100,000 PSI.
  • No bakeout or heat curing is required.
  • Operating temperature range of -460°F to 1,200°F (-273°C to 650°C).
  • The coating is inert, inorganic, non-toxic, non-distortive, as well as resistant to most solvents.
  • The plating can be eliminated by removing the bonded substrate.

What applications is this type of coating used for?
Uses for WS2 coatings generally include applications that require a lubricant that does not react when in use.

  • Vacuum applications
  • Automotive applications
  • Military applications
  • Fuel cell applications
  • Circuitry and microelectronics
  • Photonics and photovoltaics

Why choose WS2 coating on UC’s products?
UC Components, Inc. offers WS2 coating for all our RediVac® vacuum screws, washers, and hex nuts. WS2 (tungsten disulfide) coating provides stable vacuum compatible lubrication and improved wear resistance for treated components. Our WS2 coatings are applied without chemical binders, and are impinged into the product’s surface to ensure dimensional integrity and minimize screw galling, flaking, chipping, and peeling.

All of UC Components’ coatings and platings are fully vacuum compatible. However, the ideal finish for your high vacuum application is best defined by your process engineer. Please feel free to contact us for assistance in selecting the right finish for your needs.

Request a quote today for WS2 coated vacuum screws, washers, and nuts for your HV, UHV, EUV system.

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