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First Article Inspection

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A First Article Inspection (FAI) is an official design verification and history method providing a detailed reporting of measurements for all key features of a part or assembly. The First Article Inspection (FAI) is typically called for in a purchase order and conducted on a prototype or a first-time order for a customer who has a higher level of industry specific specifications and requirements that must be met.

The FAI checks and ensures that each part manufactured is consistently conforming to the desired specifications. It is a comprehensive review of the engineering documentation and processes used to manufacture the parts – from the raw materials, conversion of the materials (center-venting, slot-venting, custom machining to customer specifications, and more), special processing (coating, plating, Kolsterising®, and more), and functional testing.

When is an FAI typically requested?

  • First production run of a new product
  • Design change to an existing product
  • Materials or sources change 
  • It has been more than 2 years since the part was produced (per customer request)
  • Change in process, tools, or location
  • Change in manufacturing company producing the parts
  • First-time ordering a specific part

A First Article Inspection Report (FAIR) is an official design verification and history document that provides a detailed report of every measurement and change for a single manufactured feature of a part or assembly. This is an industry-wide standard that ensures that customers always receive the best and most consistent possible performance from their products. The FAIR contains documentation such as:

  • Raw material record
  • Bill of materials
  • Design blueprints
  • A drawing/print
  • Dimensional record (linear dimensions, diameters, positions, etc)
  • Measurement system
  • Any necessary special processing certifications (if applicable)
  • Functional test results
  • And more

If an FAI is called for, a FAIR will be prepared to verify that all properties and features manufactured are compliant to the proper specifications; the report is then provided electronically and sent along with the inspected part for approval.

For a supplier, conducting an FAI and preparing the FAIR is an opportunity to evaluate the manufacturability of the part. It helps to ensure the design documentation, identify any potential errors, and improve the manufacturability of the item.

For a buyer, an FAI/FAIR ensures that they understand the design requirements, the manufacturing process, any special processing steps, and the need for testing to ensure consistent quality from batch to batch.

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