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sizing an oring

How to properly size an O-ring

Determining the exact size of an O-ring is one of the more challenging parts of ordering O-rings for your application. As you know, O-rings are


Recognizing & Avoiding O-Ring Failure

O-rings are used in just about every industry and typically to block the flow of liquids, gasses, or other materials. Their actual makeup and function

RediVac® precision cleaned and vacuum baked o-rings

Understanding O-rings

There are a variety of O-rings on the market today which vary widely from manufacturer to manufacturer, the source of the materials used, and even

o-rings vacuum baking

Outgassing and O-Rings

Engineering faster pump-down and more complete evacuation of vacuum systems. Outgassing, also called offgassing, refers to the release of gas that has become trapped, frozen,

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